18 Ways to Reuse Coffee Grounds

2 January 2013

Used coffee grounds are amazing for your garden, household, and even you!

We have a customer that uses the grounds as an exfoliant for her body.

See below for other creative suggestions and pop into one of our stores to grab a bag of the stuff….


1. Organic fertilizer: Sprinkle them in the soil of plants thatĀ love acidic soils, especially rosebushes (my roses *love* coļ¬€eeĀ grounds!), rhododendrons, camellias, evergreens, carrots,Ā and radishes.

2. Organic pest and ant repellent: Sprinkle areas whereĀ ants, slugs, and snails hang out and destroy your garden.

3. Organic cat repellent: If you want toĀ keep cats out of your plants and garden, coļ¬€ee grounds willĀ do the trick.

4. Mushroom growing soil: Inoculated mushroom plugsĀ nestled into moist coļ¬€ee grounds can mean a greatĀ mushroom crop for you. Put grounds in a glassĀ container and press a mushroom plug intoĀ them, repeating with more groundsĀ and mushroom plugs until you runĀ out of room. If you see mold,Ā just remove it.

5. Bait worm life support:Ā Add coļ¬€ee grounds toĀ soil to help keep baitĀ worms alive longer.Ā Vermicomposters canĀ feed coļ¬€ee groundsĀ to the worms. Just beĀ careful, since grounds areĀ acidic. Too much isnā€™t goodĀ for those wigglers.


6. Closet deodorizer: OldĀ pantyhose plus coļ¬€ee grounds equals

a sachet to keep your closet free of odors.Ā Stick a sachet of dried coļ¬€ee grounds into a smellyĀ pair of shoes to get rid of the stink.Ā Scrub your hands with spent coļ¬€ee grounds after choppingĀ onion or garlic to get the smell oļ¬€ of your skin

7. Refrigerator and freezer deodorizer: Place ground inĀ a small cup and in the fridge or freezer much as you wouldĀ baking soda.

8. Pin cushion ļ¬ller: If you still use pin cushions (like I do),Ā dried coļ¬€ee grounds are a great ļ¬ller for the cushions.

9. Abrasive cleaner: For stubborn grease and stains on potsĀ and pans, coļ¬€ee grounds really get in there and do the job.

10. Dust deļ¬‚ector: Weā€™re talking about the ļ¬replace here;Ā sprinkle coļ¬€ee grounds on ashes before you start collectingĀ them to minimize the dust.

11. Furniture scratch toucher upper: Use a Q-tip and coļ¬€eeĀ grounds to ļ¬ll in scratches on wooden furnitureā€“rememberĀ the coļ¬€ee will stain the wood a bit, so donā€™t use it onĀ something that wonā€™t match.

12. Drain cleaner: Be careful with this one as you donā€™tĀ want to clog your drain with coļ¬€ee grounds! *But* toĀ counter odors coming from your drain, you can pour about aĀ half a cup of coļ¬€ee grains down the drain followed by boilingĀ hot water to get the grounds through. No more smells!

13. Meat tenderizer: This is one for leftover coļ¬€ee asĀ opposed to coļ¬€ee grounds; soak steaks in coļ¬€ee to tenderizeĀ and for an interesting added ļ¬‚avor.

14. Chocolate cake ļ¬‚avorer: Used grounds and freshĀ grounds both give a little kick to chocolate baked goods,including brownies.


15. Hand soap: Rub groundsĀ on your hands to get rid ofĀ stubborn odors like onionĀ and garlic.

16. Face mask: AnĀ egg white mixed with 1/4Ā cup grounds makes a greatĀ exfoliating face mask.Ā Mix with mashedĀ avocado for anĀ invigorating face mask.

17. Hair rinse: After washing your hair,Ā rub in coļ¬€ee grounds for shine, softness, andĀ even a bit of color for those of you who are dark-haired;Ā remember coļ¬€ee grounds act as a dye, so if you have lightĀ hair, unless you want highlights, this one isnā€™t for you.

18. Cellulite rub: Mix one tablespoon of olive oil with 1/4Ā cup moist, warm coļ¬€ee grounds and spread on cellulite hotĀ spots. Wrap tightly with plastic wrap, leave on for a fewĀ minutes, and then remove wrap and shower as normal. ForĀ best results, do a couple times a week.