So far so Good… But we can do Better

12 March 2013
Infinity is passionate about all things sustainable.
Over the past few years we have made many changes towards a more sustainable future. Through recycling, reusing, revaluating we are on the way to a greener way of business.
Below are some of the current and established supplies and practices used at Infinity to support our environment and community.

Product Supplies…
-Fresh local NSW produce – Certified organic stone ground flours, olive oil, seasonal fruit, vegetables and free range eggs.
-100% Recycled office paper and toilet paper
-Natural and environmentally concious cleaning products
-Biodegradable shopping bags and coffee cups
-Coffee sourced straight from the producer by our boutique roaster The Little Marionette.
Current practices…
-Recycling of all paper, cardboard, plastic and aluminium
-Reusing supplier food containers for storage solutions within the bakery
-Reusing supplier flour bags for wholesale customer bread deliveries
-Using refillable cleaning bottles
-Reusing office paper for internal printing of documents
-Collecting milk and egg cartons to be returned to supplier for reuse or recycling
-Composting of some food waste through worm farm
-Donating left-over food to local charities daily
-Collaboration with designers that incorporate recycled or second hand materials for displays, furniture and shelving within the shop and market stalls.
From today we will be working even harder towards a green, sustainable way of business so please stay tuned to our Sustainability Blog.