Infinity Paddington opens

2 December 2014

Pretty excited to open our Paddington doors today… Come and visit us!

We are located in the former Charlie Brown store on Oxford St next to Love Supreme (178 Oxford St).We have a mix of indoor and outdoor seating for up to 30 people.

Paddington will be our baking hub….. with new ovens and Morrie the gigantic mixer there is nothing stopping us now!

If you are in the neighbourhood drop by and meet the team.


Food from Scratch

12 January 2014

Homemade Ricotta in the making…

A simple and straight-forward Ricotta Making Workshop taught by cheesemaker, Kristen Allan, helped inspire us to head into the kitchen and have a play with some milk, cream, lemon, salt and a thermometer. Seriously simple, fabulously fresh, have a go!

The workshop was organised by Real Food Projects, an amazing community of friends, chefs, growers, foragers, butchers, eaters and farmers. Check out the

Croissant and more Butter Pudding

5 December 2013

Wow this is dangerous stuff!

We have just started using day old croissants (plain or chocolate), even raisin snails as our bread in ye olde EnglishBread and Butter Pudding.

They create an amazing buttery addition to the traditional dish but bewarethe finished product is irresistible! Make sure you invite lots of friends around for the bake off. You will finish it all by yourself if you dont!

Drop by our Manly Bakery to try a slice… baked today … mmm yum please be quick before we eat it all ….

Say NO to Plastic Bags

1 November 2013

Over December and January…

we will be giving away free jute and calico bags with every purchase.

We hope these will help prepare you for our decision to finally phase out all plastic bags in our shops by February 2013. If you do come unprepared over these months and need a plastic bag we are asking for a 0.50c donation. All money raised will go to Planet Ark in Darlinghurst and The Surf Rider Foundation in Manly.

To find out more about these charities visit their websites….. and

Stay tuned to see how much we raise for each charity by the end of January 2013.

Learning to Plant

29 October 2013

Getting our hands dirty….

The City of Sydney has fabulous and free workshops that teach you practical ANDcreative ways to live more sustainably in our city.

Loving their Seed to Plate Workshop focused onEdible Gardens in Small Spaces.The next workshop is on9th November @Sydney Park Pavilion.

Head to for more information and to book a spot for FREE!

Seasonal Produce

26 July 2013

Berries out, Apples in!….

Working with Sydney’s Winter Season our production has sadly asked the fresh berry tarts to step aside…. Waiting in the wings is our absolutely delicious alternative, the humble apple crumble!!

Pop by and grab one quick… today they had already sold out by midday

Keep an eye on our facebook page for more seasonal products including our soup du jour. Today it is Smoked Chorizo and Black eyed Beans… Tomorrow its Roast Pumpkin and Rosemary… mmm Feel the warmth.

Have a look at the great seasonal produce posters by (note they are for the Northern hemisphere)

Our Manly fruit and vegetable supplier have a great resource of seasonal charts for the Southern hemisphere so check them out

Organic Waste

15 June 2013

The bins have landed!….

It is one of our 2013 Goals to reduce general waste and start recycling our food waste.

As we deal with fresh and organic product every day there is alot of waste that is essentially food for other organisms. With this thought in mind we could not let this ‘food’ go to land-fill.

We are very proud to finally be contributing a major part of our waste to recycling and creating awesome compost (food for other organisms) along the way. My worm farm is very happy to share the food around, they have been a little over fed for too long now.

Thanks for setting up our collection bins today.

Bike About

23 May 2013

Green Machine

Parked outside Manly store is our very own green friendly mode of transport. It’s an old post man’s bike from way back and needs a bit of TLC…..we thought we might head down to Hyde Park South on Tuesday 12th March to get a free tune up.

TheTry2Wheels team are rolling into Hyde Park South witha selection of bikes to try, expert route planning advice and free food courtesy of Sydney Food Trucks….Yum!

For more details check

Homeless Bread

18 April 2013

Unfortunately not all our bread finds a home each day.

Where possible we give our day-old bread to a couple of local charities in the area. The rest we keep and grind down into sourdough breadcrumbs. These crumbs find themselves in our savoury rolls such as the spinach and ricotta log yummo!!

If you are ever needing crumbs for your cooking creations come to us.

We are constantly looking for charities to take our overflow as well so if you know of any in need please email us

So far so Good… But we can do Better

12 March 2013
Infinity is passionate about all things sustainable.
Over the past few years we have made many changes towards a more sustainable future. Through recycling, reusing, revaluating we are on the way to a greener way of business.
Below are some of the current and established supplies and practices used at Infinity to support our environment and community.

Product Supplies…
-Fresh local NSW produce – Certified organic stone ground flours, olive oil, seasonal fruit, vegetables and free range eggs.
-100% Recycled office paper and toilet paper
-Natural and environmentally concious cleaning products
-Biodegradable shopping bags and coffee cups
-Coffee sourced straight from the producer by our boutique roaster The Little Marionette.
Current practices…
-Recycling of all paper, cardboard, plastic and aluminium
-Reusing supplier food containers for storage solutions within the bakery
-Reusing supplier flour bags for wholesale customer bread deliveries
-Using refillable cleaning bottles
-Reusing office paper for internal printing of documents
-Collecting milk and egg cartons to be returned to supplier for reuse or recycling
-Composting of some food waste through worm farm
-Donating left-over food to local charities daily
-Collaboration with designers that incorporate recycled or second hand materials for displays, furniture and shelving within the shop and market stalls.
From today we will be working even harder towards a green, sustainable way of business so please stay tuned to our Sustainability Blog.